Ornament Thursday

dragonflyorn2copy.JPGWelcome Ornament Thursday surfers!

My contribution is a non-traditional ornament featuring a dragonfly stamp.  Perfect if your tree features a garden or floral theme.  This project is suitable for beginners.


Polymer clay Bead (instructions for bead)

22 gauge silver wire

Pewter spacer

Seed beads in size 8 & 11

Accent beads – I used pearls, crystals and semi-precious stones in monochromatic colors.

Elastic cord – silver color


1. Wire-wrap a large loop.

2. String on a large bead, spacer, dragonfly bead.

3. Add beads in a random order for the tail, this is a great time to use up left over beads.

4. End with another wire-wrapped loop, slip on a larger seed bead before you finish wrapping the loop so that the end looks finished.

5. Tie elastic cording to the top loop, proudly hang from your tree!

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