No matter how I try and help it, I’m a bead freak. Clever beads are one of the main reasons I got into polymer clay. These lovelies are by Niki Meiners and she kindly shares the instructions right here.…

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Here’s one bloggers try at making tile bracelet beads. The idea of building your cord channels out from the bead is interesting – you could then curve the front facing tile a little so that it arcs over them.

Photo …

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This tutorial uses metal leaf / foil that is slightly distressed to achieve a vintage look. I would experiment with the leaf on different coloured base clay (black probably or dark brown). You could use all sorts of ornate Victorian …

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I told everyone they are getting slightly awkward clay bowls for Christmas – I’ve been playing with the potter’s wheel the last few months and the regular, non polymer clay – but I have a crochet friend who totally needs …

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 ammonite bangle tutorial step 4

Claire Wallis shows a simple but very effective method of creating a carved, backfilled and highlighted design on a polymer clay item. Step 1, step 2, step 3 and step 4 (above). Claire does hers on a bangle …

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One of the things we’ve always used polymer clay for in my household (apart from beads!) is miniatures as accessories with my daughters toys. Cute doll shoes, furniture and food, lots of food. As she’s gotten a little older she’s …

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Like a lot of bead users I have a ton (well not quite a ton but many many pounds) of rock beads. And I’ve done my share of making polymer clay faux rocks. This faux agate slice tutorial makes a …

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Here’s a cute tutorial for the Halloween season – candy tins! Tuck your treats into the nifty containers. As the tutorial mentions, there’s so many ways to decorate your tins.

I do advise coating your mica powdered tins with …

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Kelly Donovan offers two video tutorials for how she does mokume gane – it’s always good to see how another artist does this popular technique!…

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One of the most recent projects on is this beauty from Cara Jane Hayman. Her own site has great clay everything on it and is definitely worth checking out. Regularly.…

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Amy of This Heart of Mine sent me the link to her image transfer tutorial. As far as image transfers go, this one is basic. The approach, however, is both sweet and perfect. She uses a simple contact transfer …

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Ronna Sarvas Weltman makes big, organic necklaces with wonderful colour combinations, texture and shapes. Her polymer clay beads are made with a variety of techniques including marbling, carving, and antiquing. She shares a stack of photos from her process of …

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I don’t joke when I say I stick clay to just about anything that fits in the oven and doesn’t run away first. Glass is a favourite since clay adheres well to it if you form a mechanical hold (go …

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You can make the pretty faceted gold beads from the necklace with this handy tutorial on KathrynDesigns – the tutorial is a photo one you’ll need to click the photo within the post and it will be enlarged and very …

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Mokume Gane is a great technique for using layers of colours and embellishments like metal leaf, fancy powders or scraps of cane. This mg stack, by Iris Weiss of Polyform, is straightforward and elegant. She covers how to make …

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