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The Covered in Clay website offers a small variety of items to cover with clay, such as blank metal tins, business card holders, journals and ceramic mezuzahs. You can also find pendant blanks, bezels, and other jewelry settings that are great for use with polymer clay. Lisa Pavelka’s Signature line of products are also offered. They include the foils, unmounted texture stamps, water slide transfer paper, and her new product Magic-Glos, which itself has received rave reviews.

I haven’t tried the Magic-Glos yet, although I do have a sample I received at the CHA show I attended a few weeks ago. I plan on trying it as soon as the weather and I are on the same schedule. However, I have ordered some of her products before, like the foils, tins, texture stamps, and blank jewelry settings. The quality of the products I received was par for the course with the prices, which were very affordable for even the most frugal among us clayers, myself included.

I have ordered from this website only twice, and while most of the products are of average quality, I found the level of service lacking in some areas. Both times I’ve ordered, I had at least one item to be missing upon arrival, although they do send a sampling of extra products along with your missing item when it’s shipped. The shipping time also varies greatly and it has been my experience that it depends upon Ms. Pavelka’s show schedule, and it may be more than a couple of days before your order is processed or you are able to get in contact with someone about about your order.

All in all, while I do enjoy using the items I’ve bought and I like the the other items that are available on the site, I think I may try finding them somewhere else next time.

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