The Class with Christi

I live in Canada and not on either coast. As far as real life polymer clay classes go, this area may as well not exist. So when I heard that Christi Friesen was teaching relatively nearby I jumped at the chance to take a class even if our styles are pretty different. I have to tell you, the whole week was fun and even if our styles are radically different there was still plenty of tips and techniques to make it all worthwhile.

An Octopus

We covered a ton of sculpture related projects. Every day started with what Christi calls the bubble gum projects – like the little ghoulie below. Christi uses a lot more in the way of powders and paints than I do and after seeing some of the results I’ll have to give them a little more attention in my own work.

Little CF Ghoulie

One of the newest products and techniques Christi has been working with this year is her Swellegant line of metal coatings, patinas and dyes. We did a little of it in our class and of course a little came home with me. I have a swellegant specific post coming up tomorrow.


These guys were some of the critters I made. I couldn’t keep from using little cane slices on the turtle shell. Both the dragons and the turtle got little dabs of mica powders and paints in the spirit of the class.

You can find Christi on the net at: She’s also active on Facebook and you can friend her there.


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