The Anti-Valentine Necklace

And, of course. if you’re utterly sick of Valentine’s Day – here’s just the piece for you! Roscata’s whole shop is full of quirky – and yes, a little twisted – awesomeness.


  1. JD says

    Sorry, but that’s not quirky, and it’s certainly not awesome. It’s negative. Why would anyone want to wear a necklace with a message like this, or worse still, want to give it to someone? If you don’t like Valentine’s Day, or don’t like a particular person, that’s one thing. But to wear a pendant with the words ‘I Hate You’ on it??

    That’s not cool. That’s not quirky. That’s not awesome. It’s negative, and it’s hate-filled.

  2. Sharon says

    I agree – there’s no need for all this negativity. Who’d want to wear a necklace that has something like that on it, anyway? It’s kinda twisted, really.

  3. Emma says

    This is just nasty. So when you are wearing this and you stop to speak to someone, this monstrosity is glaring back at them? No thanks.

  4. says

    Hi JD, Sharon, Emma! I guess this becomes one of those pieces that’s each to their own taste! I didn’t see it as nasty but did swap it for one of the milder anti-valentine’s in there.

  5. Maryanne says

    I have to say that I agree with JD, Sharon and Emma completely, but also with Elaine to a lesser extent and on another point – taste and opinions are subjective…beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all that.

    I just cannot see anyone – young or mature in age – actually wanting to wear this or even wanting to give it to anyone or, as Emma said, wanting to talk to someone who is wearing ‘I Hate You’ around their neck. Charming…NOT!

    I just wanted to add my two cents worth here, for what it’s worth, and suggest that when you wear or display a heart (either as a pendant, locket, bracelet, earrings, a ring on your finger, or on your clothing, etc.), it should represent something (or someone) you love or care a great deal for/have great affection for. That’s the whole point of the symbol of the heart in the first place, isn’t it?

    There’s too much hate and negativity in this world as it is. We need to have a little more love…actually, a LOT more love. For ourselves and for each other. Wearing a heart-shaped piece of jewelry with loving, affectionate messages is the way to go, and it’s still cool and it’s still awesome. And, with some added creativity and imagination, it can even be ‘quirky’ and ‘awesome.’ Love is always awesome.

    That ‘hate’ heart was the exact opposite of that.

    This new ‘Whatever’ message is definitely ‘milder,’ as you put it, and thanks for changing the image on the blog post. It’s apathetic, but at least it’s not hate-filled in theme and actual message.

    Thanks, JD, for speaking your mind. It may be only crafts we’re talking about here, but it speaks volumes about where our tastes and preferences are going, if that’s what a designer actually believes is a good thing to want to sell, or even wants to make and sell something this negative in the first place.


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