Introducing Myself

Mix and Match necklace

I was in such a rush to get the week going that I forgot to formally introduce myself!

Hi, I’m Elaine! I live in southwest Saskatchewan, Canada. Currently, it’s very snowy where I am and that is certainly lending to my frame of mind when picking clay tidbits to share out. I have an 11yo daughter and live with my partner, another creative type who is also into computers. He’d frown and say he’s not creative but he is a serious DIYer.

I’ve been doing polymer clay for 13 years and participating out on the net for a while. I joined up at PCC when I needed help with my polymer clay back in 2002 and never looked back! I teach, sell and write about polymer clay pretty much every day and days when I’m not making something are sad. My favourite techniques are caning or millefiori and making beads and jewellery that showcase it. You can see my work in my ArtFire or Etsy Shops, on my blog or on Facebook. I twitter as Tooaquarius. And you can take a look through the last few years of polymer clay and craft show pictures in my Flickr.

If you’d like me to post about you, your work, your news, your organization, your plans or if you have questions PLEASE email me! I’m looking to crank up the posts on this blog and I’d be happy to do a little promo for you while I’m at it. If you decide to send me tidbits I ask that you make them interesting and tell me what makes them cool, include a link to your blog, shop or source, and attach or point me at a picture that I may use.

Show me your best work! Pass along your favourite tutorials! Introduce me to your guild or forum. Please avoid sending me pages of sales info or repetitive commercial information, I’m allergic to spam. A little shout out for your new shop, big promotion or seasonal event = awesome. Dozens of links about what you offer every week? Not cool.


  1. says

    I’m so excited for you and for the claying community. I can’t wait to see what interesting things you’ll be posting.
    Wishing you tons of fun with this new adventure.

  2. Heidi says

    Thanks for your lovely post. I am excited to see what you will be finding and posting for us. I am just starting out in PC and where I live there are no classes, no guild to join and zero hope of finding anyone who knows about it or cares. Thank goodness for the internet! I hope you enjoy yourself!


  3. Elizabeth says

    Yay, I kinda thought it might be Elaine. They couldn’t have made a better choice. Excellent to have you posting here.

  4. says

    he he! You’ll probably even find yourself profiled at some point as someone who uses clay beads in her work sometimes. The more the merrier!

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