Isabel Krueger rounded up some of the good notes and (sourced them even) and popped them into a handy polymer clay basics document. You should have a peek and bookmark it. Everyone always has slightly different takes on the …

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I’m on a flower kick, I confess! This week is all about the spring and the flowers that are slowly climbing out of the soil where I live. If you live in warmer climes, you’ve had all the pretty growing …

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My daughter’s favourite socks are all argyle patterns. That might seem a little out there but a lot of them are cheerful, bright argyles and this cane tutorial just has the same vibe. As always, Karen Mijoy graciously shares this …

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Tree cane # 8

A few weeks ago, as I poked through Flickr for some great cane finds I saw that Wendy Jorre de St Jorre was doing a project with a different tree cane each week. She has shared a photo tutorial on …

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My daughter’s favourite pattern this past year has been houndstooth for some reason. She bought herself a nifty newsboy cap in it and a great infinity scarf. There was a little squee of happiness when she saw there was an …

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Gabrielle has a complete how-to for a great scrapbooking page including the nifty polymer clay tile embellishments. The embellishments would make great tile pendants or beads. I like just how mixed the media is on her scrapbooking page.

The tutorial …

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You can make the pretty faceted gold beads from the necklace with this handy tutorial on KathrynDesigns – the tutorial is a photo one you’ll need to click the photo within the post and it will be enlarged and very …

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As a full time clayer I make a LOT of scrap. The muddiest of it, I use for bulk or give away to friends to use for bulk or filler or making molds. Before it gets to that point though, …

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Flag canes

These are the crooked little flags I made one of the first times I made little Canada flag beads for Canada Day (July 1st! Happy Canada Day fellow Canadians!). This year I wrote up the instructions so you can give …

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Trays of Pens

Ginger of BlueBottleTree has a ton of good stuff on her blog. A recent post is her list of tips for newbies to polymer clay. I knew these – I prefer to use Vaseline to take clay off my hands …

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The bracelet in the tutorial uses a smart little bead that’s totally popular right now. Adrianne goes on to demonstrate two different methods of making custom beads for your bracelet projects.

One thing I would change is that you should …

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Amber Elledge makes bright, wonderful pieces – I’m particularly taken with her clay filigree, something I never did nicely – and this pen tutorial is no exception. She builds on an existing cane tutorial from Parole de P√Ęte, adding …

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Of course, this one isn’t limited to Father’s Day – I’m pretty sure I wear cuff links on my fancy blouses more than my guy does – but the combo of a nice shirt and cuff links is good and …

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I admit I haven’t been a big mold user. In the past I haven’t done a lot of sculpting and most of the base shapes I use are simple enough that I can use cutters and shape by hand quickly …

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Ronit Golan – who has a shop FULL of loveliness – generously released another great tutorial: how to make a very graphic gradient cane and some simple pieces using it. As always, her work is clearly photographed and well …

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