People were up to the most interesting things – wall art, dimensional maps, expressive little figures and fabulous, fancy jewellery. The map, in particular, I’m a little in awe of. All the detail!

Wall Art by Alice Stroppel | Clay

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I found lots of delicate floral colours in my flickr finds this week – the same sort of palette would be lovely for ice cream treats and lovely, soft coloured decor for weddings and Mother’s Day.

Sakura Blossoms by Kiki …

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Beautiful spring housewares from Etsy polymer clayers:

Embellished Vase by Kissinglass Faux Turquoise Knobs by ArtisanKnobShop
Passover Servingware by Funktini Incense Holder by nouveaushades
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This is one of those projects that stands out for it’s usefulness – how to make matching decorator candle sticks for your home using polymer clay. In this case, Nicole uses copper and marble elements in her decorating and then …

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This week was all about the eye catching – neat patterns, vibrant colours. We have a yarn bowl by Angela Hickey (something I’d only seen in pottery clay and had a heck of a time making myself so this gives …

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Spring is finally rolling in here. The grass is turning a little green, the trees are budding and there are little shoots coming up where my tulips (I hope!) will show up soon. Polymer clayers are, likewise, making spring goods:…

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This week is the first really spring-like, warm week we’ve had here. The whole of everything is rushing to turn green and bloom. It’s quite lovely. I’ve been distracted by all the suddenly bright and fresh colours out there and …

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A popular trend in art and craft (along with all of the owls!) has been little houses – cottages, gnome homes, beach houses, rustic cabins, castles… and, of course, polymer clayers have their spins:

Birdhouse Bead by jettabugjewelry Custom Home
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This pretty brooch by Jamie Smedley, writing for FireMountainGems, showcases some of the lovely effects you can get with the range of products at FMG. The cut and stamped designs are highlighted with guilder’s wax. You can see a lot …

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Disney has been a part of most of our lives for many years.  Whether we have a single favorite character or many, little girls everywhere seem to look toward the Princesses for inspiration and dreaming.  Today we’ve brought you 7 …

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I called this a variety but I guess they are all sculpture – still, the diamond is a feat of blends and careful shading for a very neat box, the lion is a mosaic of canes, the cat is a …

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I found that a lot of my favourite polymer clay artists had shared their St. Patrick’s Day efforts on Flickr so the mosaic is a tad bigger than the norm. Enjoy the green!

1. Happy St. Patrick’s from Robots Are

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Easter is on it’s way. If you need a little help decorating there are some fabulous talented polymer clay artists making great pieces just for the event.

Easter Egg by PolymerClayWorkshop Spring Lambs by HelensClayArt
Cat Totem by AnitasGatos Thomas
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PolymerClay1The color green has long been associated with the well known holiday of Saint Patrick himself.  It’s said that if you are caught not wearing some type of green attire on this day, you can be pinched!  Ouch!  Well, St. …

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Polymer gets used to create dolls and the worlds for them. The stuff is perfect – details and colours and personality can all be captured in little faces. The artist can choose to make beautiful, realistic babies or fanciful villages …

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