One of the hallmarks of spring is when the daffodils and narcissus begin to show up. Here’s a great, simple tutorial to make your own clay daffodils. I make daffodil and narcissus beads similarly (although I cane my components, the …

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These guys are nice examples of what you can do with a little clay, a texture sheet and paint. I usually skip paint so finding nice effects WITH paint is always a treat. The tutorial writer, Natalie, has also …

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This is one of those projects that stands out for it’s usefulness – how to make matching decorator candle sticks for your home using polymer clay. In this case, Nicole uses copper and marble elements in her decorating and then …

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Here’s a quick, simple take on a perennial clay favourite: flip flop earrings. You can use the bottom of existing flip flops to give your clay the right texture and decorate the uppers of the sheet with cane work, …

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Jane of Buzzmills has a tutorial for Easter or spring critters. It’s simple enough for the kids to do well and sweet enough to be great decor. You could add these to a little basket – made from polymer clay …

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Meg of Creators Joy posted a tutorial for adding lovely curls and spirals to eggs for Easter decorations. If you click the first photo in the tutorial to enlarge it you can see how strips of Skinner blend are used …

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Getting the realistic texture on the mini foods, particularly cakes and other baking, was quite the trick initially. Here’s a great tutorial with TONS of tips from Talty via Instructables. Her hints for nice fondant and icing are also great …

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I recently took a sculpting class which the end result makes me appreciate how much talent and patience it takes to sculpt anything remotely realistic. I’m not quite there yet though I’m gamely playing along. This tutorial by Amanda Day …

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This project
describes how to make a “painterly” effect. If abstract isn’t your thing consider using the smudging technique to draw a specific pattern. You can use tools to do the painting – knitting needle ends, paintbrush ends and ball …

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Bettina Welker strikes again, with help for polymer clay jewelers! This time she offers a useful, polymer clay solution for wearing brooches as pendants without using the sometimes hard to come by finding for it. Perfect, clear photos of lovely, …

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These are super adorable – little bunny shaped egg holders for your Easter (or anytime, they’re that sweet) decor. Lianne and Paul Stoddard of Swirley Designs wrote this one for Sculpey.…

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This is a great “best friends” project to make. She uses paper clay and a spray sealer – if you use oven bake polymer clay I would go with a brush on sealer since many of the spray sealers react …

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A cute trinket for weddings or showers, this bride and groom keychain set uses simple cut out shapes and just the two colours: perfect for making a little stack for your special event.…

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French clayer Myriam Lakraa shows a simple but sweet Easter rabbit sculpt. I’m linking to the French tutorial but you can easily read the English version, thanks to Google right here.…

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There’s really no secret about my fondness for adorable food minis. It’s not something I’m terribly talented at making so I admire them from across the internet. The Mouse Market makes some of the cuter ones. Here’s a tutorial with …

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