Tutorial: Carved Bear

One of the projects I got to do at my Christi Friesen class was a carved and articulated piece – we used ribbon or wire for our joints – made from Sculpey Ultralight. Sculpey has a video tutorial by Christi with the same sort of project to check out.

I didn’t make a bear but here is a picture of what I did make. The picture above is from Sculpey.com


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    Love the little bear he is adorable. Never thought of carving polymer clay. And your little art doll is really cool. You did a great job on it! And I love the colors. Nice job! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks! And yep, all of the clays are good to carve and shape with tools. The ultralight was the easiest I’ve done though… you could do it with a sharp xacto. For the others, it worked better with tools on a dremel.


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