Sushi – Polymer Clay Style!

Sushi Clay CrazyIs he taking you out to your favorite sushi restaurant tonight?  No, but it’s Friday!  Okay, well maybe that doesn’t mean a trip to the sushi bar, but it does mean it’s time for a little polymer clay silliness at Craft Gossip!

Click on the image to see a great collection of Sushi polymer clay projects uploaded at Flickr.

Want to make some of your own?  Of course you do!

Sushi cane tutorial by Chat-Noir.(Once there, click on the image for step-by-step instructions.)

Sushi Knitting Needles by Denise Cozzitorto.

That’s just to get you started, I bet if you sat down you could come up with all sorts of clay sushi replicas of your own!  If you do, send me a link to your sushi, I’d love to see it.

Have a creative weekend.  Come back on Monday for a special Artist Spotlight!

Photo Links:
1. sushi, 2. Sushi 004, 3. Sushi Magnets and Pins, 4. Sushi., 5. cimg0465, 6. Sushi Time, 7. cellcharmnigiri3, 8. Sushi Necklace, Detail 1, 9. Sushi Necklace, Detail 2

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  1. Garlinda Price says

    Heather did you make these? They look DELICIOSO! I love sushi and how cute for jewelry for us foodies!

  2. says

    Garlinda, these are projects from other artists that were posted on You can click on the links at the bottom of the post to visit each artists photo gallery.

    Tamara, I totally had to go eat sushi this weekend. These were so fun to find! I’ve made the real stuff, but haven’t tried my hand at the polymer clay variety.

    No, thank you Maria for offering such a cute project!

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