Stacker bead tutorial

Ovenfried BeadsAmy of Ovenfried Beads has made a tutorial for her famous Stacker Beads. And it’s free! How’s that for generous? Here are her exact words –

” Hey folks…….

Ok I just can’t keep it to myself any longer.  In the event I should croak before I’m an old old lady, I want people to keep making them. All I ask is that credit is given where it’s due.  I could have gone the marketing/selling/making money route, but every time I use a technique I learned from someone who gave it away, I think of the Stacker bead and how many folks can learn it.  I hope that someone can use the technique for other items, and have it evolve into something better.


Amy – Ovenfried Beads “

Don’t forget to give her credit if you use her tutorial to make and/or sell you own beads from it – it’s the proper thing to do :)

Happy Claying !!!

editor: The site and the tutorial are no longer available. Amy has since published a version for sale in her Etsy shop:

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  1. Cynthia Clayworth says

    Love your stacker beads. I recently bought a ripple blade and have been going crazy with it. I’ve tried to make a cane (after going through what I have left) but I just can’t get it right! Will take a look at your tutorial.

  2. Brenda roberts says

    Love, love, your Stacker Beads. Every time I click on the link for the technique I get nothing. Would you send me a good link. Thank you. Brenda

  3. Brenda roberts says

    I’ve contacted Amy concerning her Stacker Beads instructions. She never got back with me at all. I do know that she took her website down. Are my chances of getting the info dead? Please help.

  4. sharon gowryluk says

    yes, please tell us if there is a way to get the pattern. the link you gave no loner works.


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