Sock Monkey – Polymer Clay Style

sockmoney.jpgI know you were just thinking that a polymer clay sock monkey would be the perfect start to your weekend.  Fear not, I’m here to get your Friday started with a little dose of whimsy.  Come on…who doesn’t want a sock monkey to sit on their computer desk Monday morning? 

Well, lucky you! Becky Meverden just happened to share her project on HGTV and I dug it up from their archives. This project is so easy you can amass a small monkey army in no time!

Enjoy your weekend.  Come back on Monday for more polymer clay goodness!

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    I have clicked on all of the links about the cute little sock monkey made out of polymer clay,,,can you send me the link that goes directly to it,,,I cant seem to find it anywhere,,,thank you for your time and kindness,,,it is from the hgtv site,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,,Cassie

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