Shopping! For clayers

This week I faced my love-hate: I had to shop for clay. I love clay. I hate shopping. Well, sometimes I like it but from online, never as fun and there’s no crafty place within a 150 miles. Seriously, my nearest Michaels is that far away.

Still, I loaded up on goodies. I even broke down and ordered a replacement pasta machine and motor for my Atlas 150 which is nearing The End.

My question to all you polymer clay loving folks… who do you love to shop with? Who’s got the best deals, the selection you like best, the nicest service? What’s cool and new to buy in the clay world (on top of being in the boonies, I’m also in Canada where things don’t get released nearly as often as in the US) that you’re keen to pick up?

I’m interested in making this a regular thing – reviewing products and shops we’ve all used and loved. So… send me your links to all things clay supply, clay book, clay store, clay tools.


  1. says

    Polymerclayexpress is my favorite at I can get just about everything all polyfrom products, cernit, kato and fim, soft and classic. Premo is 2/bar regulary and all their clay is fresh, so fresh it often needs to leached a little but that is better that hard and crumbly from micheals.

    They are also the few places that sell Zinc yellow and colbalt.

  2. Jenean says

    I shop locally at Munro’s craft store. They do sell online but I love the atmosphere in the store. I’m satisfied with their selection of clay and accessories and the staff is knowledgeable.

  3. Evirr Eshelman says

    It could be worse…you could be stationed on an island where there are NO craft stores at all (that’s me), so pretty much, whoever I can actually get to ship things here online is my only choice. I will be checking out this and crossing my fingers they will ship here (and it wont cost me my left leg)

  4. says

    I do shop online at Munro’s – can’t beat the price easily when you’re buying in the quantities I use – and I like polymerclayexpress for small stacks of goodies + using my PayPal.

    Evirr – if you need a good chunk of stuff, try Munrocrafts. Polymerclayexpress is great if you need a moderate amount.

    And you’re right – I do get the chance to go hit a craft store every two months or so when I go to the city.

  5. says

    I’m new here in Canada and just started the polymer clay craft. I love Michaels, unfortunately it’s too far from where I live. Thanks for posting this. I learned where to get supplies.

  6. says

    Yeah, when I lived in Calgary I could hit the Michaels (or it’s predecessors) but now in rural Saskatchewan, I have issues. Mostly, I order from Munro’s and Polymerclayexpress

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