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polymerclaycube.jpgI’ll be updating my blog roll and would love your help!  Am I missing your favorite polymer clay blog?  Do you have a blog that explores your polymer clay adventures?  Am I missing one of the great ones that have recently popped up?  Leave a link in the comments section so I can be sure to include them when I make my updates this weekend.


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    Hi Heather,
    My blog, Artventuring, explores my work in mixed media, including polymer clay. I’m a proud member of PCAGOE, and a regular reader of many of your blogroll blogs. I’d be honored to be included among them.

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    Hi Heather,
    Here’s my blog. I’m a polymer clay artist in Canada and founder of the Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild. My next project is building a new house so my blog is about both claying & house-building. “Demo” has a different meaning for me right now as we’re in the process of watching our old house being demolished this week.
    Hope you have time to check in.

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    Hi Heather. I have a podcast where i interview all types of artists. Some of the past polymer artists are: Donna Kato, Elise Winters, and Gwen Gibson to name a few. Coming up in the next few months I will be talking to some other well know names. Thanks and love your blog.

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    Hi Heather, I have a polymer clay blog — in fact, I just linked to a shell cane tutorial of yours last week. I’d love to be added to your blogroll.

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