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projectpolymer.jpgProject Polymer is a new place for clay enthusiast to meet up online.  You can win $25 from one of their sponsors for helping get the word out! Visit the forum here for details.

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  1. says

    Hey everyone, Knowing how everyone is trying to save money, I found a site that have Polymer Clay blades the Black Surgical ones of Sale at a very low cost. the site is and I just got mine yesterday. Sharp as all get out!! Hope this helps my fellow polymer clay pals save money.

  2. lorena says

    ok so I wanted to work with my poly clay and use enamel.I cant figure out which type of enamel I need.Any advice? or just where to find what Im looking for:)

  3. says

    Lorena, I know that cold enamels are the ones people use. I’m not sure on the brands but if you can lay hands on a copy of Sue Heaser’s encyclopedia of polymer clay techniques or one of Patricia Kimle’s books there are enamel projects in them.

    Probably just googling about those will tell you which ones they used!

  4. Dawn says

    I am a beginner at working with polymer clay. So far I love it, however, I am having a difficult time finding a clay conditioning machine that doesn’t have a handle that constantly falls off. If anyone could recommend a good one I would be very grateful.
    Thanks so much,

  5. says

    Hey Dawn!

    Any of the better quality pasta machine handles don’t fall off quite so easily.

    What we do with our class ones is tie a short string to the handle and the machine so that when it does fall out it doesn’t go flying to the ground. You have to experiment a bit to find where the string can go without tangling as you use the machine.

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