It’s just me Ma !

I’ve been having a couple of rough days (again, yes). I feel like I’m in the clouds. LOL You’d really get a kick out of see me trip up on the floor that has nothing on it, for goodness sake.  I think it’s the weather changing. Oh I know I’m not as bad as others are. Yep, it could be worse. (may be the meds tho)

There’s an Etsy shop I’d like for you to see, it’s for charity and all proceeds go towards helping other organizations that are helping families. Here’s a blurb from the shop :

This is a non-profit shop that takes art work from any polymer clay artist that wishes to contribute. Every four months the PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artist Guild on Etsy) will vote on a children’s charity for which to donate ALL of the sales from this shop to that orginization.

So. thats about it for today. I have other things that need attended to. Like washing clothes, cleaning toilets, I might need to the toilets first, then me,

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