Book Review – Making Polymer Clay Beads

claybeads.jpgIf I could use one word to describe this book it would be thorough! Making Polymer Clay Beads by Carol Blackburn is jam-packed with easy to follow projects.  There are tips at every turn, showing you not only how to make a wide range of beads, but the ins and outs of how to make them more uniform and professional looking.  I’ve been making beads for 15 years and found a few useful tips that I hadn’t heard of yet!

You’ll find a complete collection of the basic polymer clay techniques.  While nothing is explored in great detail, it’s the perfect jumping point before you start exploring on your own.

This book covers it all: from tools and supplies, to creating basic shapes, a magican’s bag of techniques, color mixing basics, bead finishing and jewelry ideas. 

This is a perfect book for beginners, it reminds me of a great cookbook filled with classic recipes along with tried and true tricks to make creating accessible for everyone.

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  1. says

    That was pretty much my exact take on the book! Lots of good, useful information, quality photos and simple, basic bead building techniques. A good primer.

  2. Louise says

    great to know that even pros can learn from another. I agree with everyone of your comments.
    I just love this book and I don’t make jewelry!

  3. Rosanne says

    I was looking for a clay book and I found this one. It does cover the basics and for one who isn’t too experienced with clay, it helped me alot. Lots of good color pix. Just a nice book all the way around.


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