Why Do You Clay?

I got into clay to make beads for my jewellery making hobby. And I made a ton of beads. Zedster66 tried out clay then moved onto felting… until she had a need for fabulous buttons.

One of the qualities I still like the best about clay is the way it combines so well with other creative endeavours – like custom beads or buttons.

Photo by zedster66 of feltingandfiberstudio.com


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    Thanks a lot for featuring our blog. Although it’s mainly felt and fibre related, we do love all sorts of different arts and crafts and especially combining them with felt, which Polymer clay is perfect for :)

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    I got into polymer clay because I needed some miniature food for my dollhouse. Lots of beautiful stuff exists but I couldn’t afford it at the time. Yet when I saw the cheap plastic stuff I thought I could probably make better miniature food myself. And polymer clay let me discover that yes, I could!

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