Using Up Those Scraps

And to keep going with the theme… folks have some great paid tutorials for fabulousness to make with your polymer clay scraps:

Puffy Beads and Handmade Molds by irismishly Leopard Skin Jasper by RMKDesign
There Ain’t No Scrap by CorvusFlies Controlled Marbling Technique by DivaDesignsInc


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    Thank you so much for pointing out my tutorial–this really is one that I love and use all the time–because heaven knows, we all have scrap! (Some of us more than others, I’ll admit:)) The version I use in my new book, “Polymer Clay Gemstones, The Art of Deception” is a little more controlled, with predictable results, but the sheer randomness of the results with scrap clay never gets old.

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