Tutorial: Stamped Clay Bowls


Following along from the tutorial the other day for stamped napkin rings, here’s one from Emma of GatheringBeauty for pretty stamped trinket dishes. I am a sucker for little bowls. Outside of beads and canes, I make bowls the most. When I do pottery, I make bowls. When I play with plasticine… I make bowls. This tutorial, too, uses air dry clay but you could just as easily use polymer clay (or, if you’re daring, do this with ceramic clay and glazes)

She uses regular ink pad ink to highlight the stamp impression but mica powders, heat set paints, washes of regular paints and even chalks would work. If you particularly like the stamps used I have the same ones which I got at the local Dollarama (a dollar store chain here).


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    Yeah, when I sell my covered bowls to customers I always let them know that clay can’t be sterilized without wrecking it, will scratch in the dishwasher, etc, so pieces made with it are suitable for holding candies or dry items and not regular food eaten with cutlery.

    I’ve done some with food grade resin coatings but that’s a pile of work. And it still scuffs up.

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