Tutorial: Simple Flower Cane and Beads


The charm of this type of cane and bead or applique is that you could use a skinner blend instead of the simple black and white bullseye for the full colour effect. Or you could use solid colours or varying ones.

The flowers themselves make good beads and great brooches or earrings. Just pop a post earring finding on the back of a couple or a pin finding and voila.

The writing for the tutorial is in French – translation here – but the pictures are so clear you don’t even need it.


  1. Laura Lang says

    Thanks so much Elaine. Is there a trick to translating blog posts to English? The link you provided worked like a charm. However, on other foreign blog posts, I can’t quite figure out the steps to get a translation. I use an iPad with an app called itranslate.

  2. says

    This is beautiful and SO inspiring!!! Thank you for providing the wonderful tutorial and sharing your fabulous talent!!! I love these flowers!!! :)


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