Tutorial: Penguine Charms


Jolene has a great charm to show us – adorable penguins! As Jolene mentions, these are useful as pendants, charms for dust plugs… anywhere that needs a fun little dangle. The larger version of these would just like holiday ornaments I make… these guys would be perfect for matchy earrings.

The step out photo of the in progress penguins would be balls of penguin colour, smaller balls of penguin colour for the wings, and white for the face. Then tiny amounts of orange for the feet and beak and tiny tiny amounts for the eyes. The eye for the charm is an inserted pin in Jolene’s project – I would probably insert the eye end of an eyepin for the clay to have more to grab and back it up with liquid clay. I’m paranoid. Bake and finish with a gloss coat.


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    Ah, I will reword. Not a tutorial so much as a an example and in progress step shown. Sorry, I’m so used to making stuff it’s a quick jump for me and I forget some people appreciate more details!

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