Tutorial: Making Ornaments

This time of year I bet there’s LOTS of us clayers making ornaments with clay elements. I’m a total bead freak so I often make ornaments from beads. Even better if some of them are clay beads and charms like this tutorial. You can use clear varnish like varathane or sculpey glaze to seal the metal leaf to the clay after baking and to give it a pretty shine.

You can see some of the clay and bead ones I made for a recent blog hop here.

Photograph from CraftsUnleashed


  1. jenny says

    There is a box to the right of the page that expands when I try to look closer at the photos or the text. When the X in the box is clicked it just makes the box bigger and plays a video about mideast crisis by reuters. Cannot find a way to make it disappear. Refreshing page stops the vidoe but doesn’t remove the box. Any suggestions much appreciated.

  2. says

    Hi Jenny! Do you mean on this site or on the site linked to in the post?

    I noticed the link was wrong and have fixed that.

    But in general, to avoid ads, I suggest using browsers such as Firefox and ad blocking software.


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