Tutorial: An Autumn Turtle


Where I live you can feel autumn inching in – the day time temperatures are still lovely but there’s a chill in the mornings and the evenings come so much earilier than they need to. School starts for the kidlet in a couple of days and I’m starting to rotate the fall coloured stock into my shop. I found a very autumn themed turtle on the Sculpey site. The tutorial has lots of great techniques in it: sculpting using an armature, antiquing, making things “cute”, adding embellishments.

This guys cute enough to sort of ease the pain. Sort of. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a warm, sunny autumn too, of course.


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    He’s actually not mine – and sadly the artist is not named on the tutorial link. But I imagine if you contact the folks at sculpey via their site they’d put you in touch. He’s adorable huh?

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