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I’ve been lurking, ur uh, I mean looking around our Flickr site for some inspiration today. My muse seems to have left me recently. I sure wish she wouldn’t do that! I NEED her. I know that there are some of you out there with the same stinking situation right now, so today’s Flickr finds are just for us. MG with new shapes

Linda, of NK Designs, made this gorgeous polymer clay pendant and bead set using the mokume gane method.  I just love to see the translucency that you can get using this method with polymer clay. It’s beautiful, as long as you get the colors right. Trust me, get the wrong colors together and it can be hideous. Looks like Linda has the technique perfected! The blue, green and silver play so very nice together in this piece.  Great work Linda, I can’t wait to see more !

SC Diva Now on to today’s next Flickr find, which is a necklace by Lynda of SC Diva . Her inspiration behind this well put together piece are the Maasai of Africa. Here is her description – “The Maasai call the Serengeti “Siringitu”, the place where the land moves on forever. The Serengeti’s ecosystem is one of the oldest on Earth. The colors in the gemstones I chose for this necklace represent the Serengeti’s climate, vegetation, and wildlife. The gemstones are apple jasper, rainbow jasper, and African yellow turquoise.
The polymer clay pendant is a blend of Kato copper and a celedon/light sage color made from Premo Ecru, green and a little bit of Kato yellow.”

Well, it looks like these two, Linda and Lynda, have their muse working overtime. Maybe mine went to help one of them. I wish she’d come on home, I miss her. Maybe the review I’m working on for some products I ordered from Covered in Clay will coax her back. Did I mention I miss her?

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    Thank you so much for featuring my pendant. MG is so much fun and I have been revisiting this technique in the last few weeks. I appreciate all your kind words. Linda

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