Sunday Roundup: Happy New Years!

Happy New Year folks! May your 2012 be filled with sweet polymer clay goodies and fabulous crafting times! It seems quite a lot of crafty bloggers are making clay related resolutions:

  • Some took their first try at clay and resolve to keep on going
  • Claire Fairweather is updating her clay business plans. I’ve had some of this going on the last few weeks as well!
  • Like many of us, another clay resolves to be more consistent with her online activities and her clay
  • Over on BeadFX, she’d like to learn a new technique and mentions clay. I see another addict appearing soon…
  • MrsHix is going to take the leap and start an Etsy shop and work more with clay! That’ll add some interest for 2012

Have you resolved to do anything fabulous and clay related? On my list of goals and plans for clay I have a lot of “work with texture” and “try out more in the way of surface decoration”. I’ve also got the general crafty plans of making molds, stencils, screens, stamps and cutters of my own. Of course I’ll use those with clay but I’d also like to get the experience of trying it under my belt. And, having received a lovely new laser printer for Christmas I believe there will be more transfer making.

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