Studio Tour and Organization!

via C.A. Therien Polymer Clay Arts

via C.A. Therien Polymer Clay Arts

Was one of your New Year’s resolution to perhaps clean and organize your polymer clay craft studio (or table, or box, or closet?)

Well,  if you’re in need of some motivation, you may want to head over to C.A. Therien Polymer Clay Arts as she presents her studio tour series of posts.  She’s sharing her workspace as she cleans and organizes it, it’s a fun peek into another artist’s creative space.

Click here to check it out!

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    Hey, thanks so much for gossiping about my studio clean-up effort! Someone said the other day that since I’d decided to make my studio cleaning project public, that I couldn’t procrastinate or get out of it, which was a great point.

    So if you need to clean your work space but lack motivation… just start blogging about it and you’ll find that other people will commiserate and encourage you to keep going with it.


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