Spring Flowers


I found lots of delicate floral colours in my flickr finds this week – the same sort of palette would be lovely for ice cream treats and lovely, soft coloured decor for weddings and Mother’s Day.

Sakura Blossoms by Kiki and her dolls | Cluster Necklace by Marianne Seiman | Polymer Clay Jewellery by D S | Small Tray by Kathy Koontz


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    I so want to make the earrings . I have the needed items. Help anyone? I would love to join or start a group with payment to instructor.

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    These findings are so lovely! It’s been a truly inspiring Spring and your collections always make me smile :) Thank you

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    Hi Kathy! Depending on where you live, they may have basic jewellery making classes and basic polymer clay classes at your local Michaels or other craft store and they be perfect to set you up.

    If you’re keen to try it on your own the beads look like marbling and mokume gane techniques.

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