Roundup: Getting 2012 Off to a Good Start

Seems like a lot of people are getting their new years off to a good start with some clay – I know I’m one of them!

  • CraftyLittlePigtails played with her clay (and kids!) and made some adorable little kawaii figures
  • PinkandGreenMama is doing the same – experimenting with her clay and the kiddos are helping out!
  • And Julie did some surface decorating as well – I particularly like how the birdies at the very end turned out
  • I’ve been playing with texture a bit more the last few weeks trying to incorporate more of it while still using the motifs I’m known for – floral canework, mostly. My latest experiments turned out well!

And all that brings me up to what I’ll be CraftGossiping about this week – textures and clay. I realize this is a huge gigantic clay topic so this will be mostly a quick part 1 type deal and we’ll have a whole lot more goodness about texture in the coming months.

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