Rounding Up Sunday

  • Don’t forget! Take the survey on Polymer Clay Daily (if it’s still up by the time this posts) Speak up about how you think polymer clay should go with the manufacturers
  • The Etsy Russian Team has a giveaway for a pretty ring made with a polymer clay ranunculus
  • Iris has a video on her Polymeri Online about how she makes mezuzah (the technique would be the same for a generic metal bezel). Stop in and have a look!
  • Alice and Julie traded fabulous work – I have to say these two artists make some of the best face canes going but in completely different styles.


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    I love to try and work with diff. things and create what ever comes to me. Depending on how I’m feeling and love to expand into diff. areas, I have always wanted to get into polymer clay…..

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    Cynthia, clay is great fun to try and I highly recommend giving it a shot ! I haven’t regretted trying it out 15 years ago!

    Alice, it’s my pleasure! Thanks for making beautiful work AND posting it so I can “gossip” about it!

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