REVIEW – PolymerCafe December

We will be giving away the December issue of PolymerCafe magazine, and each issue thereafter. I received the December issue yesterday and will be reviewing it (today) before I put up for grabs Friday and from what I’ve seen, it looks like it’s a great issue. Some that I’ve bought wasn’t, hmmm, you could say wasn’t worth carp

I just love the eggs on the front cover. They aren’t polymer clay, but the roses on top are. I don’t think I’d have patience for something that detailed. (I mean the etching on the eggs) The roses maybe, not the eggs.

Don’t change the channel, I’ll be back with how to go about winning this issue!


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    I have just received my own copy of the December issue and I am so very disappointed with the amateur style tutorials – I thought the last few copies had been great and showing an improvement but this one was a real disappointment!
    Does anyone else feel the same?


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