“PolymerCafe” Review and Call for votes to win one

Polymer Clay Central is holding a very special challenge this month, it’s their 106th  PCC Challenge anniversary, so they went BIG. Instead of a theme that you go by, you get to send in anything, AND they had 2 sponsors this time which means twice the prizes. The sign-up date has past, but there’s plenty of eye candy to keep you busy ~ Go by and check it out at Polymer Clay Central They even had some BOH’s entries at PCC I have to say, This one was a pretty good issue. There were several “projects” that will inspire newbies and veterans alike.

Getting back to voting, While I can’t sit here and tell you word for word what’s in this issue of Polymer clay. I will tell you that the tutorials are great. I hope I get to keep it long enough to do the ones I want to try, or well ….. until I have to mail it to the winner sometime this week :) To be entered to win,all you have to do is go to PCC and vote for your favorite entry  then email me with who you think will win in the PCC drawing

                Don’t forget :)  Email me at polymerclay@craftgossip.com  if you think you know who will win :)



  1. Illaya says

    Boy Howdy this was a tough vote. So many entries were great.

    I had a wrestling match between 3, but since you can only vote for 1, I choose #11. Mainly because it is the style of work that I want to do. My other choices to win were sculptural pieces.

    I agree this issue of the PCC is much better than the recent past ones.

    I enjoy your blog very much. Illaya

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