Polymer Clay Inspiration Boards

jessstudio2.JPGSo what does every good polymer clay work space need?  Well besides a work surface, tools, lighting and storage, one essential element to a creative space in an inspiration board!

What is this?  It’s a place to hang things that inspire you, whether it’s magazine clippings, photos, postcards, fabrics, trinkets and notions, anything that makes your creative heart flutter is a candidate for your inspiration board.  An inspiration board can be something as simple as a corkboard to a stylish frame, like the tutorial featured here.  Check out the cool links at the bottom of that tutorial for more inspiration board links.

In my studio I have a very large frame above my clay table with foam core board in the middle.  I need to fill that up this weekend for a daily dose of inspiration!  I’ll share the results on Monday.

Pictured are my husband Jesse’s inspiration shelves, he is sculptor and couldn’t be limited by a board!

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    I like the tutorial of iHannna’s. Very nice. Much classier than my cork board! My inspiration board is so jammed packed with photo’s, articles, art, jewelry, color charts, etc. it is hard to see everything! I love it though, been packing it around for years. If you were to peel off the layers you would see the progression of my inspiration over the years… that may be an inspiration in of itself!

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