Polymer Clay Games

checkers.jpgOkay, here is a project to get your gears turning.  How many variations could you come up with for a polymer clay checker board set?  I’m thinking of doing some by stamping the checkers with different patterns and painting over them. This one is made on top of small paper box.  I’m also thinking of how to make a mini travel size set, since so many families travel during the holidays.  Are altoid tins magnetic?  I’m going to have to find out!  You could easily make a travel set for checkers and tic-tac-toe. 

And once you decide how you are going to make your checkers you could go crazy customizing it for each kid on your list with the colors and patterns from their favorite characters.

Here is another version of the checkers set with a little travel bag and fabric checkerboard.

And if you are really feeling ambitious, there is a whole blog devoted to teaching you how to create a chess set with some crazy characters from the claywizard.

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    Thanks for mentioning my blog. I have to appologise first for not updating the blog for a long time. Sorry for that. And speaking of checkers board I’l like to suggest an ancient game – chaturanga. Considered by many to be the predecessor of chess it has a variant for 4 players. This would make a game making project much more fun. It would involve 4 people, give each 8 pieces to make (much faster), may be involve a family for a weekend – 1 day to make the set, 1 day to play the game.

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