Polymer Clay Cakes Galore!


Put down that fork!  These sweet treats are your fun bit of inspiration for the weekend.  Although I have a feeling to some of these talented miniaturists this cake making is serious business. 

Here is a cake tutorial from HanaClayWorks to get you started.

And from Mossy Owl, Top Ten Tips for using liquid clay with miniature food.

If you make a little polymer clay treat, I’d love to see it!  Leave a link to your creation in the comments section.

Enjoy your weekend, I’ll see you back here Monday with a special artist spotlight!  I’m off to find a real piece of cake…

 photo credits:
1. Bolo de Comunhão, 2. Pastelaria / Pastry, 3. cake, 4. IMG_3198, 5. miniature: orange cake, 6. Triple Temptations, 7. No. 108 -צמיד עוגות גבינה לשבועות, 8. Mini Cupcake Earrings, 9. Fimo Cakes II, 10. Miniature Cakes, 11. Caramel Pecan Cake, 12. Polymer Clay Cheesecake

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

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