Polymer Clay Around the Home

Let’s face it. My polymer clay world revolves around canes and beads. I like that with the CraftGossip gig I have the push to look at what else is out there in the clay world. I’m getting a bit of a jump on the handmade gifts thing right now and there are people on my list who aren’t fans of jewellery. Weird, I know. This lead me to looking at housewares, decor items and other small awesome pieces.

I’ve seen Arzu Musa around on the internet for a couple years now – she’s very involved in promoting other artists from Turkey – and her work is lovely. She works mostly in canes but she makes a lovely selection of housewares decorated with them (as well as beads and such)! These cute handles would touch up a dresser rehab project so nicely. And this candle holder is pretty – I like that she’s photographed it with the light shining through the translucent clay.

Have you seen any clever takes on housewares or decor done in clay? I’m always looking for interesting projects to feature! With all the colour and texture versatility of clay I always think it would be such a good product to use to match home decor items.

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