Plantscapes: Terrariums with polymer clay

by Thyrza Segal

by Thyrza Segal

I’ve always loved how terrariums can feel like small little worlds, and Thyrza Segal adds a whimsical touch with polymer clay to her unique terrariums.  The interplay between her polymer clay sculpts and the carefully chosen plants is a definite treat!

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    Hi and thanks for the blog entry! I do have a lot of fun making these things- as you can see. It sure has been a great learning experience too as I find out what plants work best in what environments. I was initially inspired by Paula Hayes but could not refrain from kistching them up with polymer clay alien figurines. I have a background in set and costume design for theatre so I think that is what compels me to make up these little organic dioramas. I like to think up different stories for each character and what they are doing as I am putting them together…Like the girl above is waiting for whatever gets caught in the Venus Fly Trap so she can extract it and eat it for lunch-maybe save some for her little brother if he isn’t being too much of a brat.

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