Pasta machine reviews

Hello world! I want to take about pasta machines today!

If your just starting out working with polymer clay, you might be better off with one of the cheaper ones like the Amaco brands. You never now if you’ll like claying or not.

Then again, you may have to end up buying a better one because the Amaco types tend to get their gears warped. When you get as far as buying an Atlas, you’re hooked, LOL! But, if you’re REALLY into it like some of us, you have to have the Marcato Atlas. They roll smooth without ripples, my Atlas doesn’t seem to get as “dirty” as the cheaper brand. But let me warn you, the Atlas’ brand will do the same if you put clay that is too firm or shoving too much into it isn’t going to help either. Make sure you soften the Kato clay some before putting it in the rollers.

Oh, make sure you are taking a hammer, acrylic roller, let me think, maybe a sledgehammer would be best for Kato brand clay, it tends to be a little on the firm side. Then use all that built up tension and swing like hell. Pretend it’s your husbands head after you just found out he forgot to mail an important letter!!!!!

Happy claying!


  1. Linda says

    Holy Moly, I read that Kato was supposed to be easier to condition than Fimo, I have NOT found that to be true, and why don’t they let you know that there is a strong odor in the raw form?

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