One Ring to Rule Them All

RingsOkay, so maybe at the end of the weekend you won’t be sitting in a corner petting your latest creation, murmuring “My precious.” But here is some inspiration for creating your own rings in polymer clay. 

There are many ways to make a ring using polymer clay.  Some of them include using a ring as the base and covering it completely with clay, using ring blanks, creating a ring from sterling silver or PMC or wire-wrapping a base.  Click on the photo to see the images in greater detail.

Here are the directions for wire-wrapping a ring base.

You can find ring blanks on Etsy.

Flickr photo credits:
Custom Ring backs, 2. Anel – pormenor, 3. Mica Shift Ring, 4. A Closer Look Ring – Golden yellow, 5. ring_bumps, 6. Aqua and Silver Ring, 7. Anillo fimo troquelado, 8. Hot Pink Jungle Fever Ring, 9. Polymer and Sterling Ring

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