Nature Inspired Designs

Polymer clay is a clever chameleon, here are some recent finds that showcase this medium’s amazing ability to copy what we see in nature.

I’m so smitten with this new cuff bracelet from Kim Cavender featuring lotus pods.  From her flickr description it looks like it will be one of many more to come.

I love the leaf necklaces from Charmed by Nature.  Look, there is even a little ladybug on this one!

No this isn’t a real orchid, it’s a very convincing copy from the very talented sculptor, Elizabeth Bonura.  This is one of a series of flower rings that she has created.


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    I am impressed by the first two, but not the recreation of the orchid. It seems a little rushed. While the shape is similar, the colors need a little work. The brushwork seems a little sloppy. Otherwise, it looks ok.


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