Mokume Gane Tutorial

Today’s post features guest blogger Linda from PapernClay sharing her version of Mokume Gane. 

1-choose your colors. I chose 6 but I more frequently go with only 4 colors. The colors I have chosen are inspired by craftymoose’s photo from her recent trip to Italy and for the creative challenge on etsy.

2-make sheets of equal size.

3-stack and run through the pasta machine3-4 times so the layers are very thin.

4-stamp and texturize using cutters,stamps,one of my favorites a piece of plastic canvas.

5.take very thin slices off the top to expose colorful designs within the clay.

6- use the remaining sheet and also the shavings by placing them on another sheet of coordinating clay.

Experiment using different colors and textures. I love this technique, Hope this helps and inspires you to try this if you have not already!!

*reposted with permission from Linda, view the original post here. You can read more of her blog posts at

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