Mixing Mediums


I’ve mentioned it before but I’m all for mixing clay with… well, a heckuva lot of stuff. Felt is a fun one and Nicola does a fabulous job here with her necklace. She mentions she is inspired by Ronna’s Ancient Modern book and I can second her recommendation – the book is great for simple, dramatic clay pieces.

Photo by Nicola Brown-Clasheen


  1. Anne Ryan says

    i love what Nicola did and didn’t do in this necklace. Handsome and a lovely teaming of media.

  2. says

    Felting is one of those crafts I haven’t gotten very far with yet! Needle felting results in my fingers becoming little pin cushions generally

  3. says

    You need to try wet felting Elaine, I never use a needle either, two minutes and and my upper back/neck area iscrippled for the next few days.


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