Meet the New PolyPedia Online Express


Iris Mishly is one of those talented, kind people you luck into meeting on the internet sometimes. She’s been publishing fabulous polymer clay tutorials for years, some free, some pay. One issue is that they’ve often been in big blocks of projects which makes them deservedly a little pricier and a lot more info in one spot.

Her newest project is an express version of her popular tutorials. The larger projects have been broken down into the individual techniques and projects for bite sized learning. You can find the tutorials and tools for them all on her new site at PolyPediaOnlineExpress. She even has a couple freebies and offers on there so have a look!

I dug around and grabbed one of my favourite looking projects (the brocade “purse” picture above) I’ve seen friends make from the PolyPedia in the past. Isn’t that just a neat idea?


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