Meet Phoenix Art Studio

1.Introduce yourself!

My name is Rebecca Hadley and I work under the name Phoenix Art Studio in sunny Florida. – The editor is very jealous of this.

2.Why do you work in polymer clay?

I have a degree in Illustration and was looking for a way to transform my work into something more useful than just a wall hanging. I stumbled across a polymer pendant that had a Xerox transfer on it. Afterwards I did a ton of research and polymer clay became my new love. I love how very versatile it is and am constantly playing around with new techniques.

3. Do you have a favourite technique to use in your polymer clay work?

I’ve been working with polymer clay for about three years now and haven’t really settled on only one technique. Each technique has its place and purpose and I love them all. My newest piece is an art nouveau inspired faerie brooch that incorporates almost all of the techniques that I’ve been using. The wings are an original drawing that has been transferred and the rest of the piece has been hand-sculpted. I’m hoping to do many more pieces similar to this one. That’s the great thing about this medium, you can pretty much create anything that your imagination can come up with!

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