Make Your Own Molds!


I just recently started exploring using molds to make beads and have to say, it’s quite addicting!

These are urchin beads that I’ve made using Scupley’s Super Elasticlay MoldMaker.  It’s super easy to use and captures really great details.  You just condition the clay for a moment, press your object into it and bake.  After it’s cooled, brush corn starch into the mold and then your polymer clay.  It’s that easy!

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    Yours turned out great Heather! did you chalk them? I get google alert and when I saw these this morning…once again…funny how clayers can think alike, lol. I ordered a couple of teeny urchins from Turkey off all places, to be able to mold them. Ours here on the coast are way too big for beads.


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