Kato color mixing recipes

It’s true, I’m a Kato gal. I flirted with the other polymer clays out there when I started claying, but none of them satisfied my thirst for clay like Kato did. It’s firmness makes it the best clay for my purposes. The rest of those other guys were just too soft. Okay, okay, enough of the potty talk. But it’s true, I do love Kato’s PolyClay.

When I first discovered polymer clay, I had been put out of work because of a neck surgery and was sooo tired of reruns, so I tried a new channel. Yep, that’s right it was showing “The Carol Duvall Show” and it was Donna Kato making fascinating canes. Well, I think you know the rest of the story because I’m here! Ooooh, okay, I’ll tell you anyway. I wanted to make canes.

I suppose I was just like the other newbies, I tried the clay with all the pretty colors to cane with. You all know which one I’m referring to. It’s so gooey that chewed gum would have been a better choice to cane with. It’s an honest newbie mistake, the colors are pretty and it doesn’t say gooey on the package. So, I go and research on the web , and I research on the web, you get the picture. I tried the Premo, not much better. For some reason I skipped right over poor Fimo and feel into the arms of Kato, and have never left it’s side. Now I know some of you swear by Fimo, but after Kato, nothing else will do for me.

Except! When it comes to color mixing. I’ve never took any kind of formal art classes that may have taught color theory and the like, so when it comes to this color and that color makes this color, all I know is what I learned in kindergarten. The basics. Red and blue make green, blue and yellow make purple. I’m KIDDING folks! I also know that they all make clay mud if you don’t know how to mix colors beyond the primary stage. So, I’m always on the lookout for Kato color mixing recipes everywhere I go on the web. I’ve found them all over the place and want to share them all in one place for everyone – HERE !!! If you happen to see a duplicate, please let me know by leaving a comment. My eyes started crossing as I was looking for them.


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  1. Mary Kaye says

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU! I’m color mixing disabled – all I learned about color mixing I learned in kindergarten, just like you LOL. This is SO awesome.

    BIG HUG!

  2. Karen Couzin says

    You have totally made my day! This is just what I was looking for. I’ll share this with my Guild members. Thanks!!!!


  3. Marian Saunders says

    I have a printed copy of this chart and wanted to share it with a friend. I can’t find it any more on the website and your link does not work either.

    Any ideas where it has gone?


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