Inspiration from Art

monetcuffth.JPGOne of my greatest inspiration for colors and patterns in my beads are the works of the masters such as Monet and Van Gogh. 

There is a cool tool on Big Huge Labs that creates harmonious color palettes based on photos.  So you could upload your favorite paintings and instantly have the colors listed for you.  Of course you’ll need to know how to mix the colors!


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  1. says

    i’ve already test this tool and i don’t understand why i don’t have the right colors!
    yes, on a simple picture i don’t get the right colors.
    is there two levels for this tool?
    free and not free?

    to tell you something amazing:
    my best friend on the french net has just worked on the same painting as you have!
    let me give you the link if you don’t know her, she and you are my favorites for canning, i just don’t work canning, not to much, but i love your work so much! two girls!

    see you soon!

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