Image transfer method hunt and I’m not sure who’s gonna win!

I managed to save enough money for a new all in one printer…. YAY! So, I’ve been looking for a good transfer method for polymer clay to do transfers to clay. So here’s a bunch of links you can help go through too :) Hey it’s the least I can do :)

I’ve also heard of using the Golden mediums, but I haven’t dabbled that far along yet. I’ve been too busy trying to figure out how the all in one thingy printer works.

Oh, I can’t let you go without giving you an image to transfer …

The butterfly images are graciously  provided by CassisCreations  of Etsy. I just love her images! You may need to click the butterflys once or twice before they are an acceptable size. They’ll get a bit bigger.

 OH! Don’t forget about the give-a-way I posted about back on 10/21/08. We will be giving away the newest issue of PolymerCafe this month and every other issue after that. This issue looks a lot better than the last few they’ve put out.  So, go vote at PCC then email me at with your name and which entry you think will win. I will be holding out on picking a winner until the end of this month. 

I do plan on figuring out what works for me and the right transfer method needs to get here sooner or later. I prefer sooner, in the mean time, I will keep you informed :)

Have a great weekend

~~Wendy ~~

ps, if you want more links to tutorials or have been looking for one in particular , let me know. I may have a source 😉


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