How to make Polymer Clay at home


You can make polymer clay at home and that too – using household items!

If you have cornstarch and white PVA or Elmer’s glue, it’s easy to make it. You might be surprised to know that it also contains lemon juice.

The Etsy team at New York has put all the details together: Homemade Polymer Clay.


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    Hi! You’re correct in that traditional plastics based polymer is heat cured but a lot of the air dry clays are lumped in with the polymer clay category in terms of tutorials, tools, their location at stores and their market. So my manager thought the recipe appropriate and posted it.

    It makes a nice air dry modeling material that has a texture similar but not quite like air dry “porcelain” clay. I imagine homemade polymer clay of the type I (and probably you!) work with would be more of a combination of heat set glues and pigments and binding powders rather than air dry glues and pigments and powders. One just polymerizes at a very different temperature / condition than the other.

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